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EPTS specialises in the provision of technical courses covering a broad range of subsurface topics related to oil/gas field exploration and development. The company was established in 1999 and comprises a group of highly experienced E&P professionals with a proven track record of technical excellence based on many years EP industry experience and a strong academic foundation. They have enthusiasm for their profession, enjoy knowledge transfer and have excellent teaching capabilities. Most of our instructors have lived in different countries across the globe and have worked many years in a variety of E&P environments. Since the company's foundation, EPTS' trainers have taught hundreds of well received courses to a large number of oil industry clients across all continents.

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All our courses can be modified to be taught remotely, led by an instructor in a virtual teaching environment. Check out the description of "Virtual" Courses already available


EPTS does not possess its own training facilities, but all courses can be booked by companies to be given in-house and most courses feature on the open course calendars of our partners, see links below.








  • Venture to do this Machine Learning Quiz
  • Remote/Virtual Instructor Led Geophysical Courses

    JM coursesFrom experience so far with the Remote/Virtual Instructor Led Geophysical Courses, it was decided to increase the interactive part. For all the Blended Learning courses, consisting of 5-parts (equivalent to a 5-day F2F course) a choice can be made between the following two schedules:
  • Facies prediction along the wellbore using Machine Learning

    Facies prediction along the wellbore using Machine LearningBased on Open Source software we offer a one-day (8hrs) Face-to-Face and a one-month duration (8hrs equivalent) E-learning course called “Facies prediction along the wellbore using Machine Learning”. The course consists of power point presentations with references to publications together with computer-based exercises and Machine Learning related videos and active participant interaction. : https://breakawaylearning.nl/pluginfile.php/815/course/summary/Knowledge%20Check%20ML.xlsx?time=1584525195222
  • Electromagnetism for Geophysical Applications

    Electromagnetism for Geophysical ApplicationsFollowing a DISC 2017 course given by Doug Oldenburg and Lindsey Heagy on EM, I learned about the existence of a library of user-friendly EM Apps, which allowed me to make a series of exercises related to geophysical applications. As a result we now can also offer a two-day (16 hrs) Face-to-Face and a two-month duration (16 hrs equivalent) E-learning course called “A Gentle Introduction to EM for Geophysical Applications”. These courses are made up of power point presentations with references to publications together with computer-based exercises and EM related videos.