Welcome to EPTS - Exploration and Production Training Services

EPTS was established in 1999 and represents a group of highly experienced E&P professionals with a proven track record of technical excellence based on many years EP industry experience and a strong academic foundation. They have enthusiasm for their profession, enjoy knowledge transfer and have excellent teaching capabilities. Most of our instructors have lived in different countries and worked many years in a variety of E&P environments. We bring world-wide knowledge and experience.

"The goal of EPTS is to provide high quality and effective
knowledge transfer at very competitive cost"

To achieve this we provide:

  • Teaching experts with extensive hands-on industry experience in "how to do things"
  • Intensive interaction with the students and amongst students, by spending a lot of time on instructive and challenging exercises
  • Enthusiasm for the subjects and the learning process
  • In country delivery in or near the client offices in order to reach many students and minimize training cost per student
  • A wide range of standard E&P courses, and customized versions if so desired
  • The ability to tune the content to the E&P environment of the client
  • Project based learning or coaching
  • Integrated Field Development Planning or Exploration courses, 6 weeks each, covering the entire workflow by working on a real project
  • Expertise in competency assessments and in managing the competency development process
  • A transparent and competitive fee structure

Check out our Course Portfolio, our Teaching Experts, our Fee Structure and contact us for more information or to discuss your specific needs!


  • EPTS can deliver very cost effective EP training where and when you need it!
    27 Mar 2015
    structuurDuring 2014, EPTS delivered some 60 course weeks to the EP industry, all over the world. Our EPTS trainers are amongst the best professionals in the industry, and feedback from participants scores them consistently 9 out of 10 or even better! And our cost are very competitive also, which is extra attractive with current low oil prices. So check out our course portfolio and contact us for the provision of trainers or in-house courses. A word of caution to individuals approaching EPTS for training: we do not offfer training to individuals, but we only provide trainers to EP companies for in-house course delivery, or to training companies for their training programs delivery.