NEW COURSE: Introduction to Offshore Oil and Gas


We have been extracting oil and gas at sea for decades now, as a source for energy and other products. In this two-day course participants will learn the basics of the offshore oil and gas industry. They will gain insight in the complete offshore playing field, from technical engineering aspects to political and societal context.  Learning to speak a common language and understanding the basics of this industry is of great importance for anyone working in this sector. By means of theoretically solid but not excessively detailed lectures participants will learn to understand the different aspects behind recent oil and gas projects. In inspiring cases the theoretical knowledge will be put into practice.


  • Gaining insight into the lifecycle of oil and gas production facilities
  • Understanding the process of formation, extracting and processing oil and gas at a typical field
  • Attaining knowledge about the technical aspects of the design, installation and operation of an oil and gas project
  • Comprehending the complete offshore playing field from technical engineering aspects to the political and societal context


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