Fundamentals of the Drilling Process

5 days

Business context


This course focuses on providing new personnel and personnel who are not directly involved in the drilling operation with a general knowledge of the drilling process and its equipment. The course covers all aspects of drilling, including drilling units design, drilling equipment, well design and well related problems. The objective is to educate participants in drilling and create awareness in the process.

Who should attend

New drilling personnel and engineers. Personnel who are only partially involved in the drilling operations. Petroleum engineers. Production, maintenance, logistics and materials staff, geologists and reservoir engineers.

Course content

  • Introduction to drilling.
  • Drilling unit design, off and on-shore.
  • Conventional, mechanised units. New equipment.
  • Drilling process. Drilling. Completion. Abandonment.
  • Management. Responsibilities. Planning.
  • Well design, well planning.
  • Safety. Drilling risks. Training.
  • Onshore and offshore equipment.
  • Down-hole equipment.
  • Blow out prevention, equipment and defences.
  • Critical operations. Problem solving.
  • Project feasibility.
  • Drilling costs.
  • Contract structures.
  • Real problem cases / causes.

Learning, methods and tools

Next to lecturing, a multitude of short exercises to enhance learning and understanding are part of the programme.

At the end of the course participants will have a basic knowledge and understanding of the drilling process and its equipment.
This knowledge and understanding will promote cooperation and interaction within the company, assisting in better operational performance.